This D&D gift set features a beautiful hollow brass dice set with eagle details, matching acrylic counters, adventure journal, pen and dice stand. The dice box is made from light weight wood with interior velvet lining.

Included with your purchase are the following items:

  • Hollow Metal Dice Set - Brass with eagle detailing on each side.
  • Wooden Dice Box - Light weight wood with red velvet lining.
  • Crystal Counters - Injection molded acrylic crystals.
  • Adventure Journal - Embossed PU leather. A5 size (21.5cm x 14.5cm).
  • Wooden Pen - Wooden pen with brass cap and nib.
  • D20 Display Stand - Carved from redwood.
The dice included are a D20, D12, D10, D8, D6, D4 and a percentage die. This is the typical dice set needed for many role playing and table top games including Dungeons and Dragons.

Hollow Brass Dice - D&D Gift Set

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