These tokens have been specially designed for use in role playing games and feature a copper base with a curved glass top surface. There are 12 player tokens, one for each class in 5E Dungeons and Dragons. There are also 11 monster tokens with 6 different designs to represent a variety of enemies.

Each token is 22mm in diameter with the large monster tokens being slightly bigger at 28mm.

Included with your purchase are the following items:

  • 12x Player Tokens - One for each player class.
  • 4x Monster Tokens - To represent generic enemies.
  • 1x Leader Token - To represent a special enemy.
  • 2x Ghost Tokens - To represent supernatural enemies.
  • 2x Soldier Tokens - To represent armoured enemies.
  • 1x Large Monster Token
  • 1x Dragon Token
  • 1x Velvet Drawstring Bag

Glass D&D Tokens - NPC and Player Counters

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